LOVE. This is the foundation of everything. Each of us needs love. The foundational purpose of HPA is to create what Henri Nouwen called a “community of love.” If we succeed in doing this we are a success. Period.
HOPE. Creating in an atmosphere of love can bring with it a sense of hope, and can destroy “hope-killers”, which are abundant in this area–violence, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, domestic violence. Without hope, an individual can easily resort to bad choices that make even daily life difficult.
HEALING. Every one of us needs healing in some way. Some populations have a much greater need for healing, due to past cultural traumas. Creating in the right environment can lead to healing.
While producing art in an of itself may not change someone’s life, it is a powerful activity that has been proven to open a person up to the possibility of change. And when that person is open, and the right kinds of influences are present, healing can find its way into the heart, mind, and soul of that person.
POTTERY. I am a potter. I am an artist. Not in a highfalutin way but in the sense that I love to create in clay and in other media. I offer what gifts I have to create an environment where anyone can come and create as one accepted, cared for, and even loved. The results of the creating are not what is important, but the experience of the creating in an atmosphere of love, touching God and being touched by God.
ART. Clay is not the only material I enjoy working with–I also love the traditional craft materials of wood, glass, metal, and fiber. Drawing, painting, and even dance will also be part of what we do.