Hope Pottery & Arts

Hope Pottery & Arts(HPA) exists to provide a creative environment in a community of love that can lead to the transformation and healing of those in the area.

Hope Pottery & Arts will be a place for classes, workshops, and seminars in pottery, and other arts for people of all ages, and will be located in Gallup’s Northside Neighborhood, near the UNM North Campus adult education center.

The Philosophy:

Making art is a fun and healthy activity. It is critical to lifelong health that each person continues to learn, grow, and be stretched by new ideas and creative challenges. So, at HPA we seek to teach each person, and to challenge them with new ideas, materials, and techniques. Learning and growing is fun!

This means that the activities and classes at HPA will result in greater knowledge and understanding of the medium being used to create and for art and design in general.